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AIKA - Tri Dosha - Marine Radiance Mask - All Skin Types


A revitalising, brightening and oxygenating mask for reinvigorating tired, lacklustre and fatigued skin to regain an illuminated and energised appearance.  A synergy of ocean plant extracts Chlorella and Spirulina which are rich in marine collagen, chlorophyll, amino acids and polysaccharides help increase cellular oxygenation and firm and tone the skin. Ayurvedic extracts of Ashwaghanda, Gotu Kola, Brahmi and Moringa are rich sources of phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins for protection again free radical damage. Natural humectants from honey and Seabuckthorn plump up the skin and increase hydration levels. This non-drying luxurious mask glides over your skin and helps support cellular repair, promotes circulation and glow to awaken your skin to look bright, fresh, smooth and luminous.


Boost cellular oxygenation and collagen synthesis for reducing premature ageing, loss of firmness and dullness and provide a boost of marine phyto-nutrients to revitalise the skin.


Radiantly bright, firmed and refined looking skin that is hydrated and smooth.

Skin Type

All skin types, especially de-vitalised, sluggish, lacklustre and ageing prematurely, lacking firmness and tone.


AIKA - Tri Dosha - Marine Radiance Mask - All Skin Types