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AIKA - Tri Dosha - Fruit Enzyme Mask - All Skin Types


This gentle resurfacing mask lifts away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal skin that is smoother and softer and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and open pores without harsh reactive chemicals. Whole fruit extracts of strawberry, papaya, apple and peach, rich in natural fruit acids and active enzymes help smooth away roughness, decongest blackheads and blemishes and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and uneven texture. High in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and A this mask will protect against free radical damage, increase cellular renewal and help keep your skin clear and blemish free.


Gently refine and turnover skin to reduce pigmentation, dead skin build up and uneven skin tone while providing an anti-oxidant boost to repair and nourish.


Skin looks fresh, fine lines are minimised and the texture is even and smooth.

Skin Type

All skin types, especially with uneven skin tone, pigmentation, rough, dehydrated and lacking in glow


AIKA - Tri Dosha - Fruit Enzyme Mask - All Skin Types