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  • Local Pick Up?

    Great news Tassie folk - we offer local pick up! Two options: Dodges Ferry OR Hobart.

    Make sure to select "Pick Up" when you are completing your purchase THEN email with which location you prefer. Hobart OR Dodges Ferry.

    You will receive an email with the pick up address once you're order is ready which will be between 2-4 business days after you have completed your purchase.

  • Storage

    No one likes extreme heat or humidity, that goes for our products as well. As most of our skin care is organic and made with plant based ingredients and no preservatives (Yay!) they need a cool (below 30 degrees), dry environment to maintain their potency and consistency.

  • Zero Waste

    We are on a journey to low/zero waste beauty (see Our Story ). The majority of our eco products are zero waste, and those that aren't are either very low waste or have recycling programs in place or return/refill programs! But rest assured you can trust that this is our highest priority and ensure that every business we partner with is as environmentally focused as we are. All the beautiful makers of these eco products ship to us using carbon neutral methods. Even how the products arrive to Willow and Ash is important to us- not a scrap of plastic packaging in sight! We are taking a strong stance on this; if our suppliers aren't packaging correctly, we don't stock them, simple as that.

  • Our Suppliers

    Australian made, Australian owned, small batch, hand made. Starting out on this journey, we scoured the internet and all social media platforms to try and find people that were creating wonderful products that aligned with our beliefs but didn't have a huge success then slowly we started to find them! In this day and age, with so much info out there, the little people can sometimes be overlooked - not anymore! We didn't want to just be another offering of big brands with big marketing budgets, we wanted to find the amazing little guys out there, totally kicking goals for our planet. Our offering will forever be evolving as we continue to find these wonderful little businesses doing good things.

    We have a whole lot of boxes to tick when it comes to choosing businesses we want to partner with, and it was amazing to see how many "natural" and "organic" products were packaged in non-recyclable tubes or tubs. The products we choose are from small businesses that have the right focus; remove all the nasties from our products AND put them in earth friendly packaging. Thumbs up!

  • Need help with your skincare?

    Luckily, one half of this dynamic duo is a trained beauty therapist with a wealth of knowledge about skin and what's good for it. If you're struggling with what to choose, please feel free to Email us here! and we will be happy to help.

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