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How did this all begin?

Hi, I'm Ash. Founder of Willow and Ash, Qualified Beauty Therapist, Zero Waste advocate, Amateur Green thumb and Mumma of Two.

It is important to understand that our mental health, inner health, hormonal health and over all wellbeing are directly linked to what we consume, put on our skin/bodies and into our environment. But in a world where large product manufacturers aren't exactly transparent about what goes into their products, it can be very difficult to make the "better" choices.

After many years of working in the Beauty industry it was time to change things up and focus on what was most important to me. I became more and more aware of the Clean, Conscious Beauty movement, one that focused on your health and wellbeing by choosing products that were free of toxins. But there was a lack of focus on what these clean beauty products were packaged in.

Sadly the beauty industry is the number one contributor to packaging waste, with over 120 billion units of packaging disposed of every year!

We need to start making better choices. Go back to nature. Our health and the health of our world are synonymous. One does not exist without the other. So in order to look after ourselves, we must look after our world.

My mission is to create a conscious beauty community where we nurture and nourish ourselves and our planet. By sourcing products that haven’t been “greenwashed”. By providing you with products from businesses that are transparent in their processes, and their disclosure of ingredients, who have an environmental conscience and place importance on the wellbeing of human kind.

All the products on offer at Willow and Ash are toxin free, sustainably packaged, eco friendly, cruelty free, organic, natural (the right kind), Australian made and fair trade.

With a focus on sustainable packaging, I am vigilant about how those packages arrive to our doorstep, and yours (ie. carbon neutral shipping methods and zero waste packaging).

Willow and Ash will forever be evolving, come and learn with me and join a community of like minded individuals looking to better our world.

I feels good to do good.

Ash xx

My Promise

Beauty and the Bathroom.  It can be pretty daunting starting a clean beauty journey on your own. There is a lot of information out there and a whole lot of products claiming to be green. This is why we’re here, to help make that process as simple as possible.


We are on a journey, there will be a few bumps along the way. We are learning everyday and we will impart that knowledge to help guide you on your clean beauty journey to reduce the impact on our beautiful planet. If there is anything that you are unsure about and want clarified please reach out, we are in this together.

Australian Made

All of our products are Australian made and owned. Down the track we may buddy up with our friends across the ditch as they have some wonderful people doing wonderful things in this space. For now, all the businesses we are partnering with are small batch, made in Australia and the majority are lovingly made by hand. We have made this decision for two main reasons: to support our local economy and to keep our carbon footprint low.

The best of the best.

Everything that we stock, we have hand selected. We have tried and tested all the products personally and love each and every single one of them. We have chosen the highest quality products and ensured that their processes, from production to delivery, aligns with our beliefs.